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How I Became an Atheist

Evolution of an Atheist

This article has been roiling around my brain for a few years, and it’s time to write it, as several people have recently asked me some questions about it.  It’s the story of how I became an atheist – something I never could have imagined when I was younger.  Sit back with a good cup […]

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The Free Will Theorem Necessitates Superdeterminism

The Free Will Theorem Necessitates Superdeterminism

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What is Reality, Anyway?

 As a continuation of my last article regarding what we think and believe, I am often intrigued by the question of What is “Reality?”  Even deeper than that, Can we even know what “reality” is?  If so, how do we KNOW?   This common Internet meme seems to sum up the problem of just 1 set of […]

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Why Do You Think What You Think?

This is a topic that has fascinated me for a long time, as I am a fairly introspective person, by which I simply mean, “Why do I think what I think, and why do I think that what I think is right, and what others think is wrong?” This question is IMO particularly relevant when […]

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