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Dancing with Light

Dancing with Light

Time to share a little photography, as I haven’t done that here for a bit.  Fortunately, I’ve had some time to shoot recently, and I’d like to share.  Don’t forget – you can find all of these images on my photography website, where prints can be purchased, too. Dancing with Light, Music, & Elizabeth Google+ […]

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Chip & Natalie

My Daughter is a Christian – I’m Not

This letter is for my daughter Natalie, because I love her very much, and because it’s not easy for us sometimes.  It’s not easy to communicate, especially,  for many reasons: age, experience, and education are among the obvious ones, but these days, one of the biggest challenges is because of the difference in what we […]

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When to Say Goodbye?

How do you know when it’s time to say good-bye to a beloved friend and companion for the last 13 years?  How do you know when it’s no longer wise, or compassionate, or caring to keep that beloved companion with you any longer, no matter how much you wish she could stay forever?  When is […]

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