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Hecetas Lighthouse in Oregon at sunset

Favorite Photos of the 2010s

In my last post, I shared some of my favorite photos of 2019 (family excluded).  Since I recently saw some photographers sharing what they considered their best photos of the past decade, I decided to do the same.  So without further ado, I present a gallery of my favorite photos of the previous decade, 2010 […]

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Favorite 2019 Photos

Not As Many Photos This Year 🙁 As 2019 draws to a close, I put together a small album of favorite photos.  In doing so, I realized how little photography I did this year.  The main reason, was that we didn’t travel much this year.  There was Spring Break in St. Lucia, which was beautiful, […]

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Florida & Dominican Republic Galleries Now on CDPayet Photography

I’ve spent a lot of time updating over since mid-2018, and I just added a couple new galleries.  Given the many trips I’ve taken over the years, and the tens of thousands of photos in my Lightroom catalog, it’s not surprising that I keep finding more to share.  I’m still experimenting with photo-blogging on […]

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aka Have Lots of Backups, Including Off-site As of 5/24/16, you can skip to the end for the happy ending.   😀  After all of these years as a photographer and computer user; after 2 total server failures at my office; after other hard drive failures, you would THINK that I would have executed a more […]

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Dancing with Light

Dancing with Light

Time to share a little photography, as I haven’t done that here for a bit.  Fortunately, I’ve had some time to shoot recently, and I’d like to share.  Don’t forget – you can find all of these images on my photography website, where prints can be purchased, too. Dancing with Light, Music, & Elizabeth Google+ […]

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Fund-Raising for the Phillipines with Photography

If you’ve been following the news at all recently, you surely saw the news about Typhoon Haiyan – the most powerful storm in recorded history – which struck the Philippine Islands in the South Pacific on Friday, November 8th.  The photos are heart-breaking, and with the sheer amount of destruction, it is difficult even for […]

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Roni of

Inspiration: Beauty in Words & Spirit

This will be the first in what I hope will be a long series about the people who’ve inspired me, mentored me, or in some powerful way, touched my life.  It is my hope that you may also find some inspiration in these stories. I’m not talking about physical beauty in this post, although the […]

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Challis Lake sunset

Why Photography?

On a recent family trip, I was asked by my 14yo niece, Sophie, why I love taking pictures..  While I don’t think she quite “got” my answer, as is kind of typical for a 14yo entering that stage of “knowing-it-all-and-adults-are-kinda-dumb” stage, it seemed like a good post topic.  Most photographers probably feel much the same […]

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