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On Being Reminded of How Little I Know

As we get older, we usually get better at things through more practice, right?  And when we’ve been doing something for nearly 20 years, we usually assume that we should should be really darn good at it.  On top of that, if we decide to start branching out into a new aspect of what we‘ve […]

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ADD & Learning to Play Piano Again

Music has Always Been Part of My Life My Mom is a classically trained concert pianist who gave local recitals and has long played for the different churches attended by my parents; my Dad sang in the shower to spare the rest of us.  LOL. There was almost always music playing in our home.  I started […]

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I hate being ADD sometimes

As a Writer, I Hate Being ADD

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in Charlotte, which seems like it would be a perfect time to write (and so I am), correct?  But damn, I have so many ideas and thoughts running through my head on so many topics, the only one I can actually write about at the moment is how I can’t […]

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ADD/ADHD? You Need Evernote!

A quick note on one of my favorite topics: getting organized!  As anyone with ADD/ADHD knows, organizing information is incredibly difficult.  As someone with a wide range of interests in philosophy, martial arts, critical/skeptical thinking, family trips, social media, and everything associated with my profession of dentistry, I spend a lot of time online and […]

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Learning to Say NO with ADD

Learning to Say NO with ADD

As anyone living with ADD knows, one of the most prominent aspects of it is the propensity to bounce around from one idea to the next to the next to the next; starting 10 projects and being lucky to finish 1-2; planning out 3 start-up businesses but never incorporating even 1; jumping from 1 hobby […]

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WHY Learn to Thrive with ADD

So in my post the other day, Learning to THRIVE with ADD, I talked about some of the first steps that I am taking in my journey to minimize the weaknesses that ADD causes, while maximizing the benefits.  But tonight I suddenly was thinking that I don’t have a truly powerful WHY I want to do […]

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Habits &Self-Discipline

Learning to Thrive with ADD Part 1

As I wrote in my last Page of 2014, Self-Discipline and Accountability, my wife and I are embarking on a set of ambitious goals.  Some of those goals are financial and therefore will not be shared except in broad generalities.  For myself, however, I understand that I must make a number of changes and adjustments […]

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Know When to Fold ‘Em

Oh my oh my, it has been an interesting few months, to say the least, which is why I haven’t posted anything since my ode to Robin Williams after his death back in August 2014.  “Interesting” probably isn’t really the best word….“insane” is probably a little closer to reality.  To catch up a little on what happened, […]

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Being ADD has advantages

ADD: A Curse and Gift

Sometimes I Wish I Didn’t Like So Many Things When I began to learn what it meant to be ADD (diagnosed in 2004 at age 33), I thought what it mostly meant that I was easily distracted, sometimes had trouble learning details, etc.  But what I WASN’T expecting, was to learn that being ADD is […]

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Changing My Reality – Starting Today

Have you ever had an experience that suddenly made you realize, it’s time to make a change NOW!?  Well, I’ve had a couple of these just this year.  I talked about the first one in the blog article I wrote in June 2013 for my Charlotte dental office blog, which had to do with learning […]

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