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the whole problem

So Much to Write About, But Where to Start?

Back in April of 2017, I published the first article on this blog in almost a year: As a Writer, I Hate Being ADD.  In it, I mentioned that there are 19 blog article drafts in the Drafts section of this blog and 16 for the dental office, and how I hate having so much […]

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Ever Feel a Little Overwhelmed? Yeah, Me too.

Anyone else ever look at your life like this?  Like you’re being overwhelmed and bombarded with stuff to do, people to talk to, projects to complete, tasks to mark off…….?  Well, this is sure how I’m feeling right about now. How Much Can One Person Handle – WELL? If you have followed any of my […]

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A New Beginning

So I’m starting Blog #3.  And unlike either of my other 2 blogs, this one will be intensely and purely PERSONAL.  Yes, I will probably talk about some of the trials and triumphs of being a Charlotte dentist, as well as my efforts to educate my dental colleagues about dental digital photography, but honestly, there […]

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