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Learning to Say NO with ADD

Learning to Say NO with ADD

As anyone living with ADD knows, one of the most prominent aspects of it is the propensity to bounce around from one idea to the next to the next to the next; starting 10 projects and being lucky to finish 1-2; planning out 3 start-up businesses but never incorporating even 1; jumping from 1 hobby […]

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WHY Learn to Thrive with ADD

So in my post the other day, Learning to THRIVE with ADD, I talked about some of the first steps that I am taking in my journey to minimize the weaknesses that ADD causes, while maximizing the benefits.  But tonight I suddenly was thinking that I don’t have a truly powerful WHY I want to do […]

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Habits &Self-Discipline

Learning to Thrive with ADD Part 1

As I wrote in my last Page of 2014, Self-Discipline and Accountability, my wife and I are embarking on a set of ambitious goals.  Some of those goals are financial and therefore will not be shared except in broad generalities.  For myself, however, I understand that I must make a number of changes and adjustments […]

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Dead Poets Society 2

Good-bye Oh Captain, My Captain

Back in the summer of 1997, between my Junior and Senior years of high school at Brandywine HS in Wilmington, DE, I was preparing to head to Germany for a 7-week summer exchange program with AFS, the American Field Service.  And the night before I left, I went to watch a movie that may well […]

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To Be Grateful

Do you ever take the time to be grateful for all the blessings in your life?  No…….not just a passing moment and saying, “Yeah, of course I am.”  I mean……do you take the time to really STOP and FEEL GRATITUDE throughout your entire being?  To feel the depths of thankfulness and appreciation and gratitude for […]

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The Art of Mindfulness in a Busy Life

What is Mindfulness? In simplest terms, mindfulness is that state of Being, in which one is deeply and fully present in each moment.  Or as the saying goes, “Stopping to smell the roses.” But really……what does that MEAN? Most People Live Life Deeply Unconscious How many of these scenarios sound familiar? You’ve eaten a meal so fast, […]

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What Do You REALLY Want?

What Does It Take to Be Successful? The topic of “success” is one that fascinates me, largely because achieving success in business was unbelievably difficult for me, and I had to learn a lot, and change a lot about myself in the process.  Why are some people successful and others, who may have had greater […]

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Roni of

Inspiration: Beauty in Words & Spirit

This will be the first in what I hope will be a long series about the people who’ve inspired me, mentored me, or in some powerful way, touched my life.  It is my hope that you may also find some inspiration in these stories. I’m not talking about physical beauty in this post, although the […]

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Changing My Reality – Starting Today

Have you ever had an experience that suddenly made you realize, it’s time to make a change NOW!?  Well, I’ve had a couple of these just this year.  I talked about the first one in the blog article I wrote in June 2013 for my Charlotte dental office blog, which had to do with learning […]

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An Example of Why I Love Science

Quick post today, not really thought-provoking on my part, but a simple example of why I absolutely love science and am so grateful to be living in the times that we do.  And while the technology that you see in the video is not necessarily new, it is the merging of methodologies and technologies that […]

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